Season's Greetings from Shanon's House

Season's Greetings from Shanon's House of Compassion,

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas at Shanon's House! The months of November and December have brought us guests from Florence, Horton, Hartselle, Muscle Shoals, Cherokee,Athens, Alabama and Iuka, Miss.

The first of November we enjoyed reuniting with guests as we had our first guest reunion. Eight families came back and several brought their babies. The guests had an opportunity to tell some of the Shanon's House Board members how much Shanon's House had meant to them. It was so amazing to see these babies who started out so small and fragile and are now healthy newborns. Some of the guests who came saw others who were here at the same time and they enjoyed catching up with each other. Of course we all enjoyed holding babies, there were so many babies we all had a chance to hold a baby.

The first of November we had a couple who had triplets in the NICU. If we had a list of guests who have been the most grateful and kindest, this couple would be in the top ten. Their babies were due in February and all under 2 pounds. The father said "when my wife told me she was not going to leave our babies, I didn't know what I was going to do. Shanon's House has been an answered prayer." We enjoyed this couple so much. The father would leave every morning at 3:30 a.m. to go back home and get ready for work. Johnny would make the coffee for him to have in the morning. Once our guest said "Mr. Johnny you don't have to worry about the coffee, we are just so grateful to be able to have a place like Shanon's House to stay." When I told the Tree of Life Quilters about the triplets, they went to work on special quilts for them. I was talking with the father of the triplets and told him about the quilts he said "I can't believe this. My grandmother made quilts for all the grandchildren. Now that she has passed away I didn't think my children would have quilts." They wanted us to make sure to tell the Mayfair Church "Thank you." They also said they wanted to visit when they were able to take the babies out. Every night when they came in they would give us an update on the babies. This family stayed with us for six weeks. I've said this before, but they really do start to become like family. When they were finally able to take the babies home, the first place they came was to Shanon's House. We were so honored. The mother had not been home since August. I know she was so ready to get her babies home so this was a very special gift to us.

When we came back from Thanksgiving, Shanon's House was beautifully decorated for Christmas, thanks to some very dear friends. The Madison Academy Anchor club came by to bring bathroom gift bags for the guests. The Family class has brought paper products and helped stock the freezer with delicious food.

This first year at Shanon's House has passed by so quickly. We have been blessed to meet some of the nicest people who were so grateful for a place to stay that was close to their loved ones. All of you who have helped in this ministry whether it was financially or by helping with supplies or encouraging us and keeping this ministry in your prayers, Johnny and I are grateful to everyone of you. You are all helping to touch so many lives. We always are mindful that Shanon's House is God's ministry and that Johnny and I and the Mayfair family are His hands and feet to reach out to a hurting world. Our prayer is that Shanon's House will be able to help more people in the new year and God will be glorified though this ministry. We wish for all of you a Merry Christmas and a new year filled with many blessings.

In Him,
Christy and Johnny

Shanon's House update

Greetings from Shanon's House of Compassion,

In September and October we have had guests from Scottsboro, Decatur, Albertville, Collinsville,Florence and Athens, AL. In September and October we only had a few guests at Shanon's House, but as I write now we have a full house! This is what we want and pray for. As of October 31 we have had 86 guests.

Most of our guests have had babies in the NICU. It always amazing to see these precious babies come into the world so small. The parents have showed us pictures of their babies with the daddy's wedding ring all the way up the baby's arm. One mother came by this month and brought her baby he started out a 2 pounds and is now up to 10.

One couple who stayed with us this month left us with a special memory. They were surprised when they got to the hospital that morning and were able to bring their baby home a day early. They came by the house to gather their belongs and to show us the baby. As they were saying good-bye Johnny asked if he could say a prayer with them. As he started to pray they held out their hands for us to hold. I was touch and had tears in my eyes. Here we were strangers a week before now we were friends forming a cirlce of prayer around this precious baby girl. After the prayer the father gave Johnny a big hug. Once again we were so thankful for Shanon's House.

Toward the end of the month we had a guest whose husband had suffered a stroke. When she came in the first thing we said was "this is a God sent." I didn't know what I was going to do, now I know I can handle whatever is to come." She then realized she knew about Mayfair because of the Abundant Living television program.

Also in October we had a couple who had just welcomed triplets into the world. The babies were born at 28 weeks. When the Dad came over the first thing he said was, "This is a God sent. We didn't know what we were going to do, they told us our babies would probably be here until Christmas."

The Madison Academy 10th graders came over one day to help. They raked leaves, cleaned windows and blinds. We always enjoy having young people come to help, they bring a lot of energy and laughter to Shanon's House. The Servant's at Heart Class at Mayfair made gift bags for the guests and wrote notes to the guest. I put a bag in the rooms for each guest. We always want our guests to know that Shanon's House is a church wide ministry.

We get updates from some of our guests about their babies. The mother who adopted the baby with Down Syndrome wrote recently that he had gone home from the hospital. When we first met her she was told her baby would probably not live. She was told to make funeral arrangements. Now he is called the miracle baby. His mother wrote in her update "I sit in the rocker and I think what was and what could have been and what is. I think of how good God still would have been even if He would have taken our baby to be with Him, but how incredibly and unspeakably thankful I am for His grace. I did take him to church yesterday (and hope to as long as the weather and people’s health holds), and as we sang “Shout to the Lord” I tried to shout, but sometimes I only squeaked out a whisper as I choked back the tears. Fourteen weeks ago I had tried to take him to church, and now we had finally made it. My heart was so full of praise that it seemed so surreal." If we ever make it back down there, you can be sure we’ll stop by! Please pass on our thanks and gratitude. I could have never made it through one of the most difficult trials of my life without you! The Lord answered SO MANY prayers through the Shanon House!"

It's been one year since Johnny and I were asked to consider being a part of Shanon's House. It's been a journey with so many blessings along the way. We continue to meet some of the nicest people that enrich our lives. We continue to see God using Shanon's House to show the world that God's family cares for the hurting. God has been so good to us and we are thankful to Him and to all of you who encourage and help us to continue this ministry. We feel as our guests do this month "Shanon's House is a God sent!"

In Him,

Shanon House of Compassion update for August

Greetings from Shanon's House of Compassion,

It's been another busy and rewarding month at Shanon's House.
This month we've had guests from Rainsville, Florence,
Moody, and Boaz AL, and Florida.

It's God's hand at work, that's a phrase we
hear allot at Shanon's House. This month we've experienced the
joy of seeing young families leave with their newborns. Several
have come by to let us see their baby-this makes our day.
One of the guests I mentioned last month from Ohio sends
us updates on her baby. He was transported to Ohio and closer
to his new parents. She was so impressed and thankful for
Shanon's House. She told me that she was not tired when she
got back home because of being able to stay here.

In this work we are constantly learning about people. It has
opened our eyes to see a lost and hurting world. We see some
who are struggling because of their own actions. We pray that
Shanon’s House will be a chance for them to meet a group of
Christians and see how a relationship with our Lord can help
them through the difficult times in life.

Toward the end of the month we had guests from Florida. The
family was vacationing about two hours from Huntsville. A
tragic accident involving a young man and his father brought
this family to Huntsville. The father was in critical condition.
This is a family we will not forget. They were so appreciative
of having a place so close to the hospital to stay, One of their
relatives from Florida came by to visit. She was very impressed
with the Huntsville hospital and Shanon’s House. She
commented to us "I want to move to this city. I don’t know if
it’s southern hospitality or the love of God, but there is
something different about Huntsville, AL.” Some of the family
told us they could have gone to Birmingham but were so
thankful to be here in Huntsville and their comment
was “It had to be God’s hand at work.”

During the last week they were here, they were our only guests.
We felt like this was God working also because they could rest
and grieve in private. Their loved one in the hospital was a
retired fire chief with the Gainesville Fire department.
The Florida department contacted the Huntsville department
to ask them to check on the family. The Huntsville Fire Chief
came over to meet them. When he learned that Shanon’s House
was a ministry of the Mayfair church of Christ he told me,
“I’m not surprised, that church is helping people all over the
city of Huntsville.” He told me about the dinner and all that
Mayfair had done for the Huntsville fire department. Many of
you stopped by to visit with this family and we are so
grateful to each one of you. The family was with us for 14 days
and on the last day their loved one passed away. Even though
we had only known this family for a short period of time we felt
very close to them. I over heard one of them say on the phone
“You will not believe the ministry that the Mayfair
Church of Christ has here at Shanon’s House, I’ve got so
many stories to tell you and don’t let me forget to tell
you about the quilting ministry.” I said a prayer of
thanksgiving right then for all of you who make
this ministry so special for hurting families.
There were many times during this family’s stay that
we could see God’s hand at work. I wish all of you could
hear from the family how much they appreciate all of you
who make Shanon’s House possible.

I read a statement once that said “Never doubt that a
small group of fully committed people can change the
world-In fact it’s the only thing that ever has.” We see
every day how Shanon’s House and all the other ministries
at Mayfair are impacting the world around us for good and
for that we are so thankful to all of you. We are so blessed
to be able to see on a daily basis God’s hand at work in this

One special memory this month was from a 12 year old boy. He
called me aside and said “You know when you give up things for
God you get a reward in heaven.” I smiled and told him “that’s
true, but we also get rewarded here on earth by getting to
meet people like you.” That’s how Johnny and I feel about
all of our church family we’ve come to know with the work at
Shanon’s House. We feel blessed. Thank you all for your
help, prayers and encouragement.

In Him,
Christy and Johnny
Summertime greetings from Shanon’s House of Compassion,

Summertime at Shanon’s House has been very busy. We took a few
days of vacation and came back rested and ready for the full house
that God supplied very rapidly! This month we’ve had guests from,
Texas,Tennessee, Ohio, Florida and Muscle Shoals, Cullman, Grove Oak,
Elkmont and Rainsville, AL.

We have had many opportunities to listen, encourage, and pray
with our guests. Included among the many blessings for us in
this ministry are the lessons and encouragement we receive
from our guests. Here are a few lessons we’ve learned this month.

One guest we became close to was leaving and taking her husband
to spend his last few days at home. We were saying our goodbyes
and I told her what a beautiful example she was to me in the way
she cared so lovingly for her husband. Her reply with tears in
her eyes was “I love my Lord and I love my husband.” All week I
thought about those words. When we love the Lord with all our
heart, loving others will come naturally.

One guest was talking to another guest and they found out that
they had several friends in common. We made the statement “It
really is a small world.” Then our guest whose wife is terminally
ill with cancer said, “Just like all our problems are small to God.”
I thought how true, there’s nothing too big for our God.

Many of our guests have newborns that are born prematurely. Many
are unable to hold their baby until they reach a certain weight.
One mother was describing to us how wonderful it felt the first time
she was able to hold her newborn baby. Then she said, “This must be
how God feels when He holds us.” What a beautiful picture of the love
God has for each of us.

Toward the end of the month we had a guest from Ohio. She was
adopting a baby with Down Syndrome. We were talking with her and
asked her how she decided to take on this challenge. She said,
“I was praying for God to take away my selfish heart. Then one day
I heard Gene Stallings talk about what a blessing his son had been
to him. I believe I’m just doing what God wants me to do.”
This was a powerful lesson to us about stepping out in faith.

One of our guests wrote in a note this month, “We will forever be
grateful and hope to be able to pay it forward when we see other families struggling.” This made us aware of what a wonderful world this would be
if we all “paid it forward”.

The last two months we have had a full house. We believe the word is
out about Shanon’s House. One guest came for a return visit,
it was after the Marriage Matters seminar. He told us “I tell
everyone about Shanon’s house and every time I saw your church on T.V.
(advertising the seminar) I thought about Shanon’s House”. Another
guest from out of state sent updates on her baby that went out to about
40 people,she wrote “The Lord has provided a wonderful place that I got to
stay at while I was there called the Shanon’s House of Compassion. It is
a ministry of a local church named in honor of a very special young
man who passed away from cancer. The church provides hospitality and
lodging for people needing it and they don’t charge anything.
That is a HUGE blessing!”

As I looked back over my journal for the month, I realized when our
reservoir was running low, God sent encouragement through many of our
church family and also in the guests we had. Once again we were reminded
that God is faithful and God is so good.

We often say that everyday here is a new adventure. We meet so many
interesting people from so many different backgrounds. We feel blessed
to be able to work with our fellow brothers and sisters as we strive to
be that sweet aroma of Christ to the world. We know this work would not
be possible without all of your support and prayers. Johnny and I are
grateful to each and every one of you and most of all to our Lord and Savior.

In Him who gives us hope,
Christy and Johnny
Hello from Shanon's House of Compassion,

This month we have had guests from Muscle Shoals, Florence, Decatur, Al and Winchester, TN. This is the first month that we have had guests every day of the month. We have had guests who have left with newborns and guests who have had to make life and death decisions.

We have had a few calls inquiring about staying at Shanon's House. One call came last week. The couple was from Florida and their child was having surgery. They had already secured a place to stay but wanted to see Shanon's House in case they had to stay longer. This couple was orginally from a far eastern country. Their accent was difficult to understand. When they arrived I showed them around and then told them the story of Shanon Dickerson and I told them this was a ministry of the Mayfair Church of Christ. The mother said, “this feels like home.” Then when they were leaving she said “when you see Shanon's mother and father please tell them thank you and tell your church thank you also, this is a wonderful ministry.” The ministry of Shanon's House is reaching out to so many people, including those from different countries.

We enjoy meeting so many different people. The young couples energize us, the older guests tell us of life experiences, and the guests our age have things in common with us. Some of our guests have become good friends that we will keep in touch with through the years.

One of our guests learned about Shanon's House through a member at Mayfair. After showing her around she showed me a card that she had received from the Lifesavers Class at Mayfair. She said “We have been receiving a card a week from this Sunday school class. I see Shanon's parents name on here and also your name. God does work in mysterious ways.” This card helped her know that many people were praying for her.

We receive so many kind thank you notes. This note came to us from a mother and daughter. The husband and dad was terminally ill. They wrote “You were a bright light in our dark hours. Mom and I both consider Shanon's House as one of God's blessings for us during this sad and emotional time. We found not only a refuge but good friends we can keep close to our hearts for years to come. Shanon's House became a home to us, and one we looked forward to returning to each night.”

Shanon's House continues to be a home away from home. One young couple who stayed for several weeks would come in at night and say “we're home now.” We would laugh and tell them we like it when the children come home. This same couple came in one night and said “we used to say home is where our heart is, now we say, home is where our car is.” This made us smile.

We've been at Shanon's House for six months now. The time has gone by so quickly. The experience has been every thing we thought it would be and more. We have had a total of 55 guests. They have been from as far away as Illinois and as close as Decatur. Through this ministry we've seen God's faithfulness. The Lord has provided those of you who come along side us to help and encourage us. God has provided guests we can show the compassion that Jesus tells about in His word. God has also provided the strength and wisdom for each day and each different circumstance. To all of you, and most of all our Lord and Savior we are so grateful.

In Him,
Christy and Johnny


Hello from Shanon's House of Compassion,

May has been a very busy month here at Shanon's House. We've had guests from, Tn, Georgia, Ohio, Kentucky, Russellville, Decatur and Florence, Al.

Some of our guests have had newborns in the NICU and we also have had several guests with loved ones in the main hospital. We had one guest whose wife is terminally ill. It's hard to know what to say to help in cases like these. Most of what we do is listen. This guest was so appreciative of a place to stay. Most of the day he spent with his wife and we would only see him when he came in at night. We would try to stay up and visit with him each night. He brought his mom and dad over to show them the house. He commented to us that he prays that his wife will get well but if God decides to take her, he would want to do a house like Shanon's house in her memory. Please keep this family in your prayers.

One of the sweet memories we had this month was with a Aunt and Uncle of the family whose daughter was injured in the wreck coming back from Florida on their way home to Kentucky. We had many friends and family stay with us and this Aunt and Uncle were some of our favorites. We enjoyed sitting down with them and having breakfast one Saturday. It was like we had been friends for a long time. They sent a very kind thank you note. Johnny and I often comment that we really receive more than we give. The people we meet, that we would never meet otherwise, really enrich our lives.

People ask us what is the hardest part of this work. One of the hardest things is saying good-bye. When we have shared a small part of peoples lives in praying with them, visiting and sharing meals with them, it's hard to say good bye. One guest, an older gentleman, brought back memories of my Dad. He had a quick wit about him and I found myself remembering how much I miss my Dad. When we said good bye all of us had tears in our eyes. He called a few weeks ago to tell us how he was doing and promised to come back to see us soon. We enjoyed one young couple so much we asked them if we could adopt them. It will be hard to say good bye to them also.

One week we didn't have any guests, so we invited some friends over for supper. That evening we got a call from NICU about a couple with a newborn baby boy. The baby was born at 27 weeks and weighed about 2 pounds. The couple arrived just as we were about to eat so we invited them to join us. The couple we had invited brought their 5 year old with them. She had been born at 27 weeks and weighed less than 2 pounds. The couple with the newborn could see this healthy 5 year old and it gave them hope. We thanked God for sending encouragement to this young couple in the form of a active 5 year old. God is good!

The hospital security provides rides back and forth to Shanon's House. This is a great help for our guests. To say thank you we had a cook out for them. We had about 30 come over eat hamburgers with us. Several wanted to see the house. They also wanted to learn how it came about. Some thought that it was owned by the hospital, so this gave us the chance to share with them how Shanon's House came to be and how this is a ministry of the Mayfair church of Christ.

We have received several pictures of the newborn babies whose parents have stayed at Shanon's House. I keep them on the refrigerator. One of the pictures is of the first family who stayed with us. They had triplets. The triplets have all gone home now and are doing good. Many times parents will make a stop by Shanon's house on their way home to show us their baby. One couple stopped by and said "we will never forget how you helped us."

We are amazed every day how God is working in this ministry. God is so good to send us people and also to give us a few days rest between guests. Next month it will be six months here at Shanon's House. Sometimes Johnny and I think back on how God has worked and all the prayers that have been answered and are continually being answered. We thank Him for all the good people He has put in our lives through Shanon's House. Thank you for your prayers and your help in this work. Thank you also for the encouragement that so many of you give us. Please come by and see us. Remember, when the door is open there's a pot of coffee on.

In Him,
Johnny and Christy
Hello from Shanon's House,

It’s been a very busy month at Shanon’s House. We had a slow start to the month but after a few days of rest we’ve had a full house for most of the month of April. We had guests from Kentucky, Ohio, Georgia, Mt. Hope & Athens Alabama. We have met a wide variety of guests that included a pediatrician, a Vanderbilt basketball player, nurses, football coach and a Harvard first year medical student. Every guest comes with a story and every one touches our hearts.

In the middle of April a tragic accident involving a group of teenagers heading back to Kentucky brought family and friends to the city of Huntsville. The parents of two of the girls found themselves in an unfamiliar city with their hearts breaking. Cindi Bradley told them about Shanon’s house. Johnny and I were out of town so Jeff and Juanita Stewart graciously volunteered to come over and two of the brothers came over and stayed. They left a note written in Crayon saying “thank you for the hospitality, everyone has been so nice.” We have had many friends of these families and relatives stay with us this month. Many of you have reached out to these families. One of the aunts came in one night upset after a really hard day. She told us how some of you stayed with them that day and she didn’t know how they would have made it without you.

The ICU waiting room is filled with hurting people. One of these had a visit from one of our ministers at Mayfair. This guest (Jason) was a member of the Lord’s Church. He was a very personable man. His father was in critical condition. One night he came in and told us the story of a man he had met as he was coming down on the elevator. Jason asked the man how his loved one was doing. The man replied “not good.” Jason told him he would pray for this man’s family. The man replied, “ I don’t believe in prayer.” Jason responded, “My dad would have passed away ten days ago if it hadn’t been for all those praying for him.” The man replied “I don’t go to church, so I can’t pray.” Jason told him “You don’t have to go to church to pray. You do need to read your Bible and learn what God wants you to do, but you can pray now and God will help you.” Then Jason handed him a card with Mayfair’s name and phone number and said, “If you want to know more about God and how to pray, call these people and they will help you.” As the elevator came to the floor and the doors opened, the man turned to Jason and asked “will you keep my family in your prayers?” When Jason told us this story we had tears in our eyes. We were reminded that God is working not only with Shanon’s house but even with our guests who are members of the Lord’s church in other areas. The ministry at Shanon’s House is an opportunity to show the world what Christianity is really like.

So many of you continue to come along side us and help. One day a guest was walking over to the hospital. The lawn company was here working and one of the Latino workers who is a member at Mayfair stopped the man and asked him the name of his loved one. He told him that every morning before they start to work they pray and they would pray for his loved one. This incident made such an impact on our guest. His comment to us was “Everyone in your church is so nice.” This made us smile. What a great blessing to work with a congregation where people are striving to follow the example of Jesus in everyday ordinary circumstances.

Please continue to keep the family from Kentucky in your prayers. They are really touched by all the acts of kindness that have been shown to them. Johnny and I are reminded on a daily basis that it takes all of us working together and we appreciate so much all of your prayers, encouragement and help. Thank you to everyone who helps make Shanon’s House, as one guest wrote, “a place to rest and gather our thoughts“.

In Him,
Johnny and Christy
Greetings from Shanon’s House,

This month we have had 14 guests from Madison, Rogersville, Boaz, Ft. Payne, Albertville, Al., North Carolina and Illinois.

When one of our guests arrived at the house she walked in, looked around and said “thank you Jesus, this is such a blessing.” This mother had just been discharged from the hospital and had planned to sleep at the hospital because she didn’t want to leave her baby. This young mother had been through a difficult delivery where her life was in jeopardy and also the life of her baby. She was tired and very emotional. We sat and talked one afternoon and she made the comment that she could tell Mayfair was a very outreaching church. She was so grateful for everything. She commented that Shanon’s house felt like a home away from home. While talking to her she said “I wish I had a good book to read.” We told her about the books that had been donated for guests to read and take with them if they wanted. She said “Your church has thought of everything. God provided even before I knew I needed it.”

During the guests’ stay we try to have dinner with them at least once. This is a time where we really get to know them. Guests will tell us about their lives and struggles. The guests with newborns are all about the age of our children so we can tell them about how God has worked in our lives and brought us through some of the same issues they are dealing with. There have been several times when the guests will come in at night upset and Johnny will ask if they would like to pray before going to bed. They always have said yes. This is such a special time for them and us.

This month we had our first guest who was from out of state. An older couple was traveling from Florida back home to Illinois when they had a wreck. The lady was injured and her friend found himself in a strange town with no family. Cindy Bradley told him about Shanon’s House. This guest has been such a pleasure.

When we pray each day we ask God to send us guests, so each guest that comes to stay here is an answered prayer. We are learning that even though they may look different and come from different back grounds, everyone is touched when kindness is shown to them. We heard a statement once that said “the ministry of Jesus was the person standing in front of Him.” We try to remember this for every guest we have. There have been challenges with this ministry, but with every challenge is a chance to grow and learn. We see God molding us and helping us look at every person as a child that our heavenly Fathers loves.

Johnny and I have come to realize that this ministry is a picture of the parable of the sower. The Mayfair family is helping to preparing the soil for others to come along and plant and water. The words of one of our guests best describes how we feel about the work at Shanon’s house, Thank you Jesus, this is such a blessing!

In Him,
Johnny & Christy
Hello From Shanon's House of Compassion,

It's been a short month but Shanon's house has been busy. We have had 4 families stay with us this month. We had families from, Anderson, Al, Killen Al, Ft. Payne, Al and Russellville, AL. One family was here with the birth of their second set of twins. We enjoyed visiting with them and the grandmother also. The triplet's parents are regular visitors on the weekends. Their babies are all doing good and gaining weight. They hope to be able to take at least one home in the next couple of weeks.

The guest who stayed with us from Russelville was originally from Guatemala. This young mother really touched our hearts. We got a call from the NICU last week about a young mother who did not speak any English. She had a baby girl who was in critical condition. The language barrier was difficult. We felt so sorry for this young mother. Johnny found a computer program to help with his Spanish and could communicate a little. Every night he would tell her in Spanish “we are praying for your baby.” She would smile and say “gracias”. We invited Benjamin and Patti Colunga and their family over to visit with her. Benjamin lead a prayer and prayed for her baby and he and Patti talked with her and encouraged her. Johnny and I could understand how lost she felt because we couldn't understand anything that was said during their conversation.

On Monday night around 9:30 we received a call from the NICU. They told the young mother to come to the hospital immediately. Johnny and I had been talking the week before about how we knew that not every guest would leave Shanon's house with a happy ending. We didn't know how and what we would say to them. We prayed that God would give us the words to say when that time came. The young mother went to the hospital, but her baby died before she could get there. She never got to hold her baby until the little girl had passed away. When the mother came back, we didn't need words, all we could do was hug her and let her cry and cry with her. God answered our prayer. We learned that hugs, tears and smiles are the universal language. When she left, she hugged us and told us through an interpreter, “Thank you for the food and everything you did for me.” This is a guest we will never forget. During the first part of her stay we were a little discouraged. We felt like there would not be a way to reach her and comfort her. Looking back we see things differently. She had a beautiful, comfortable and safe place to stay, plenty of food and she knew that people cared about her. We pray that some time in her life she will look back on this time and remember the prayer that was prayed and the care she was shown and want to know more about our Lord and His church.

Through this ministry we are learning that it does take a church family to keep this work going and all of the family at Mayfair is helping that happen. The 4th and 5th grade classes provided gift bags and notes for each of the families. The young married life group provided books. The Tree of Life quilters have made quilts for all the newborns. Ladies have brought food for the freezer,and many have contributed supplies. Those who come by and encourage us and those who keep this work in your prayers are all a part of this ministry. Johnny and I are thankful for those who had the dream of this work, those who contribute financially and all of you who come and work along side us as we all strive to be Ambassadors for our Savior.

In Him,
Johnny and Christy Johnson