Hello from Shanon's House,

It’s been a very busy month at Shanon’s House. We had a slow start to the month but after a few days of rest we’ve had a full house for most of the month of April. We had guests from Kentucky, Ohio, Georgia, Mt. Hope & Athens Alabama. We have met a wide variety of guests that included a pediatrician, a Vanderbilt basketball player, nurses, football coach and a Harvard first year medical student. Every guest comes with a story and every one touches our hearts.

In the middle of April a tragic accident involving a group of teenagers heading back to Kentucky brought family and friends to the city of Huntsville. The parents of two of the girls found themselves in an unfamiliar city with their hearts breaking. Cindi Bradley told them about Shanon’s house. Johnny and I were out of town so Jeff and Juanita Stewart graciously volunteered to come over and two of the brothers came over and stayed. They left a note written in Crayon saying “thank you for the hospitality, everyone has been so nice.” We have had many friends of these families and relatives stay with us this month. Many of you have reached out to these families. One of the aunts came in one night upset after a really hard day. She told us how some of you stayed with them that day and she didn’t know how they would have made it without you.

The ICU waiting room is filled with hurting people. One of these had a visit from one of our ministers at Mayfair. This guest (Jason) was a member of the Lord’s Church. He was a very personable man. His father was in critical condition. One night he came in and told us the story of a man he had met as he was coming down on the elevator. Jason asked the man how his loved one was doing. The man replied “not good.” Jason told him he would pray for this man’s family. The man replied, “ I don’t believe in prayer.” Jason responded, “My dad would have passed away ten days ago if it hadn’t been for all those praying for him.” The man replied “I don’t go to church, so I can’t pray.” Jason told him “You don’t have to go to church to pray. You do need to read your Bible and learn what God wants you to do, but you can pray now and God will help you.” Then Jason handed him a card with Mayfair’s name and phone number and said, “If you want to know more about God and how to pray, call these people and they will help you.” As the elevator came to the floor and the doors opened, the man turned to Jason and asked “will you keep my family in your prayers?” When Jason told us this story we had tears in our eyes. We were reminded that God is working not only with Shanon’s house but even with our guests who are members of the Lord’s church in other areas. The ministry at Shanon’s House is an opportunity to show the world what Christianity is really like.

So many of you continue to come along side us and help. One day a guest was walking over to the hospital. The lawn company was here working and one of the Latino workers who is a member at Mayfair stopped the man and asked him the name of his loved one. He told him that every morning before they start to work they pray and they would pray for his loved one. This incident made such an impact on our guest. His comment to us was “Everyone in your church is so nice.” This made us smile. What a great blessing to work with a congregation where people are striving to follow the example of Jesus in everyday ordinary circumstances.

Please continue to keep the family from Kentucky in your prayers. They are really touched by all the acts of kindness that have been shown to them. Johnny and I are reminded on a daily basis that it takes all of us working together and we appreciate so much all of your prayers, encouragement and help. Thank you to everyone who helps make Shanon’s House, as one guest wrote, “a place to rest and gather our thoughts“.

In Him,
Johnny and Christy