Hello from Shanon's House of Compassion,

This month we have had guests from Muscle Shoals, Florence, Decatur, Al and Winchester, TN. This is the first month that we have had guests every day of the month. We have had guests who have left with newborns and guests who have had to make life and death decisions.

We have had a few calls inquiring about staying at Shanon's House. One call came last week. The couple was from Florida and their child was having surgery. They had already secured a place to stay but wanted to see Shanon's House in case they had to stay longer. This couple was orginally from a far eastern country. Their accent was difficult to understand. When they arrived I showed them around and then told them the story of Shanon Dickerson and I told them this was a ministry of the Mayfair Church of Christ. The mother said, “this feels like home.” Then when they were leaving she said “when you see Shanon's mother and father please tell them thank you and tell your church thank you also, this is a wonderful ministry.” The ministry of Shanon's House is reaching out to so many people, including those from different countries.

We enjoy meeting so many different people. The young couples energize us, the older guests tell us of life experiences, and the guests our age have things in common with us. Some of our guests have become good friends that we will keep in touch with through the years.

One of our guests learned about Shanon's House through a member at Mayfair. After showing her around she showed me a card that she had received from the Lifesavers Class at Mayfair. She said “We have been receiving a card a week from this Sunday school class. I see Shanon's parents name on here and also your name. God does work in mysterious ways.” This card helped her know that many people were praying for her.

We receive so many kind thank you notes. This note came to us from a mother and daughter. The husband and dad was terminally ill. They wrote “You were a bright light in our dark hours. Mom and I both consider Shanon's House as one of God's blessings for us during this sad and emotional time. We found not only a refuge but good friends we can keep close to our hearts for years to come. Shanon's House became a home to us, and one we looked forward to returning to each night.”

Shanon's House continues to be a home away from home. One young couple who stayed for several weeks would come in at night and say “we're home now.” We would laugh and tell them we like it when the children come home. This same couple came in one night and said “we used to say home is where our heart is, now we say, home is where our car is.” This made us smile.

We've been at Shanon's House for six months now. The time has gone by so quickly. The experience has been every thing we thought it would be and more. We have had a total of 55 guests. They have been from as far away as Illinois and as close as Decatur. Through this ministry we've seen God's faithfulness. The Lord has provided those of you who come along side us to help and encourage us. God has provided guests we can show the compassion that Jesus tells about in His word. God has also provided the strength and wisdom for each day and each different circumstance. To all of you, and most of all our Lord and Savior we are so grateful.

In Him,
Christy and Johnny