Shanon House of Compassion update for August

Greetings from Shanon's House of Compassion,

It's been another busy and rewarding month at Shanon's House.
This month we've had guests from Rainsville, Florence,
Moody, and Boaz AL, and Florida.

It's God's hand at work, that's a phrase we
hear allot at Shanon's House. This month we've experienced the
joy of seeing young families leave with their newborns. Several
have come by to let us see their baby-this makes our day.
One of the guests I mentioned last month from Ohio sends
us updates on her baby. He was transported to Ohio and closer
to his new parents. She was so impressed and thankful for
Shanon's House. She told me that she was not tired when she
got back home because of being able to stay here.

In this work we are constantly learning about people. It has
opened our eyes to see a lost and hurting world. We see some
who are struggling because of their own actions. We pray that
Shanon’s House will be a chance for them to meet a group of
Christians and see how a relationship with our Lord can help
them through the difficult times in life.

Toward the end of the month we had guests from Florida. The
family was vacationing about two hours from Huntsville. A
tragic accident involving a young man and his father brought
this family to Huntsville. The father was in critical condition.
This is a family we will not forget. They were so appreciative
of having a place so close to the hospital to stay, One of their
relatives from Florida came by to visit. She was very impressed
with the Huntsville hospital and Shanon’s House. She
commented to us "I want to move to this city. I don’t know if
it’s southern hospitality or the love of God, but there is
something different about Huntsville, AL.” Some of the family
told us they could have gone to Birmingham but were so
thankful to be here in Huntsville and their comment
was “It had to be God’s hand at work.”

During the last week they were here, they were our only guests.
We felt like this was God working also because they could rest
and grieve in private. Their loved one in the hospital was a
retired fire chief with the Gainesville Fire department.
The Florida department contacted the Huntsville department
to ask them to check on the family. The Huntsville Fire Chief
came over to meet them. When he learned that Shanon’s House
was a ministry of the Mayfair church of Christ he told me,
“I’m not surprised, that church is helping people all over the
city of Huntsville.” He told me about the dinner and all that
Mayfair had done for the Huntsville fire department. Many of
you stopped by to visit with this family and we are so
grateful to each one of you. The family was with us for 14 days
and on the last day their loved one passed away. Even though
we had only known this family for a short period of time we felt
very close to them. I over heard one of them say on the phone
“You will not believe the ministry that the Mayfair
Church of Christ has here at Shanon’s House, I’ve got so
many stories to tell you and don’t let me forget to tell
you about the quilting ministry.” I said a prayer of
thanksgiving right then for all of you who make
this ministry so special for hurting families.
There were many times during this family’s stay that
we could see God’s hand at work. I wish all of you could
hear from the family how much they appreciate all of you
who make Shanon’s House possible.

I read a statement once that said “Never doubt that a
small group of fully committed people can change the
world-In fact it’s the only thing that ever has.” We see
every day how Shanon’s House and all the other ministries
at Mayfair are impacting the world around us for good and
for that we are so thankful to all of you. We are so blessed
to be able to see on a daily basis God’s hand at work in this

One special memory this month was from a 12 year old boy. He
called me aside and said “You know when you give up things for
God you get a reward in heaven.” I smiled and told him “that’s
true, but we also get rewarded here on earth by getting to
meet people like you.” That’s how Johnny and I feel about
all of our church family we’ve come to know with the work at
Shanon’s House. We feel blessed. Thank you all for your
help, prayers and encouragement.

In Him,
Christy and Johnny