Greetings from Shanon's House,

It's hard to believe that we are beginning our 4th year at Shanon's House. The time has gone by so quickly. We have had over 200 people stay with us and many continue to stop by and visit or send Christmas cards. The months of November, December and January have brought us guests from,
Mentone, Sheffield, Phil Campbell, Eastaboga, Albertville, and Florence, Alabama.

One of our guests was a lady who was 71 years old. Her husband had been in a very serious auto accident. We enjoyed her stay with us. At the same time we had a mother with a tiny newborn. One morning the older woman was sitting at the table encouraging the young mother. Later that day I noticed a note on the young mothers door from the older woman telling her she was praying for her. This made me smile.

This is a note we received from that guest whose husband was in ICU.

“Dear Mayfair Church,

I can never thank you enough for the way you have made me feel so loved and cared for I want to thank all my brothers and sisters at Mayfair for the prayers and support in the most difficult time in my life when my husband was so close to death from the auto accident. I know God heard all the prayers and His hands were with the doctors to heal my husband. I will never forget your gracious hospitality.

Thank you dear ladies for the quilt. Thank you everyone for the get well card. Tell David and Henry  thank you for the Sunday service at the hospital and for telling me about Shanon's House, it has meant so much to me.
Our love and gratitude always,”

Often it's the little things that show you care. This was the case with one guest, she said, “Your church has thought of everything. I needed some hand lotion and remembered there was some in the bathroom gift bag.”

Often we will run into former guests. This happened a few weeks ago. I was shopping and a young mother stopped me and said “Do you remember me? My husband and I had the twin boys who passed away.” I did remember her and noticed she had a baby girl in the stroller. She said “this is our baby girl who was born one year and one day after the passing of our baby boys. Please tell your church thank you again from us. We will never forget you.” The last time I saw this young mother she was broken hearted and now to see her smiling with a new baby was a blessing. This was a reminder to us of how good God is and how people never forget a kindness shown to them.

We are beginning to have repeat guests. Several who had babies in 2010 are once again blessed with another precious baby. Here's a note from a father who stayed with us for the second time.

“To all Involved,

I am writing to very humbly say Thank you. The Shanon's House ministry has blessed our lives twice now. Our two youngest children were both born with Respiratory Distress Syndrome. We are grateful to our Lord that it wasn't worse, but several of you know that when your child is being rushed away to a different hospital in an ambulance you worry. To all who contribute to Shanon's House ministry, thank you. We understand the amount of money that must be poured out to keep a service like this running. Your monetary sacrifices are so appreciated. You all help those in need by leaving us free from worrying about having a place to stay while we tend to our loved ones. That helps take one burden from us allowing us to focus and pray for our loved one. The breakfasts that are prepared also help tremendously. Having one home cooked, nutritious meal aids us all. It some how gives us comfort on those difficult days. In closing thank you all. Your service to Jesus touches many. When I told my mother of your generosity, she wept. So from the bottom of our hearts, we love you and thank you all.”

As you can see we meet some of the kindest people. The statement-People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care, is so true. The ministry of Shanon's house tells our guests in a big way that the Mayfair church truly cares about them. Johnny and I continue to be thankful to all of you who support this ministry in any way, large or small. We brag on all of you to guests. We tell them that the Mayfair church is a very loving and giving congregation. When they see the beautiful house and all the special touches that you provide it's proof that you care. We are looking forward to another year at Shanon's House simply doing what so many of you do every day, offering a cup of cold water in Jesus name to those who are hurting. May God bless you all in this new year.

With very grateful hearts,
Christy and Johnny