Season's Greetings from Shanon's House

Season's Greetings from Shanon's House of Compassion,

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas at Shanon's House! The months of November and December have brought us guests from Florence, Horton, Hartselle, Muscle Shoals, Cherokee,Athens, Alabama and Iuka, Miss.

The first of November we enjoyed reuniting with guests as we had our first guest reunion. Eight families came back and several brought their babies. The guests had an opportunity to tell some of the Shanon's House Board members how much Shanon's House had meant to them. It was so amazing to see these babies who started out so small and fragile and are now healthy newborns. Some of the guests who came saw others who were here at the same time and they enjoyed catching up with each other. Of course we all enjoyed holding babies, there were so many babies we all had a chance to hold a baby.

The first of November we had a couple who had triplets in the NICU. If we had a list of guests who have been the most grateful and kindest, this couple would be in the top ten. Their babies were due in February and all under 2 pounds. The father said "when my wife told me she was not going to leave our babies, I didn't know what I was going to do. Shanon's House has been an answered prayer." We enjoyed this couple so much. The father would leave every morning at 3:30 a.m. to go back home and get ready for work. Johnny would make the coffee for him to have in the morning. Once our guest said "Mr. Johnny you don't have to worry about the coffee, we are just so grateful to be able to have a place like Shanon's House to stay." When I told the Tree of Life Quilters about the triplets, they went to work on special quilts for them. I was talking with the father of the triplets and told him about the quilts he said "I can't believe this. My grandmother made quilts for all the grandchildren. Now that she has passed away I didn't think my children would have quilts." They wanted us to make sure to tell the Mayfair Church "Thank you." They also said they wanted to visit when they were able to take the babies out. Every night when they came in they would give us an update on the babies. This family stayed with us for six weeks. I've said this before, but they really do start to become like family. When they were finally able to take the babies home, the first place they came was to Shanon's House. We were so honored. The mother had not been home since August. I know she was so ready to get her babies home so this was a very special gift to us.

When we came back from Thanksgiving, Shanon's House was beautifully decorated for Christmas, thanks to some very dear friends. The Madison Academy Anchor club came by to bring bathroom gift bags for the guests. The Family class has brought paper products and helped stock the freezer with delicious food.

This first year at Shanon's House has passed by so quickly. We have been blessed to meet some of the nicest people who were so grateful for a place to stay that was close to their loved ones. All of you who have helped in this ministry whether it was financially or by helping with supplies or encouraging us and keeping this ministry in your prayers, Johnny and I are grateful to everyone of you. You are all helping to touch so many lives. We always are mindful that Shanon's House is God's ministry and that Johnny and I and the Mayfair family are His hands and feet to reach out to a hurting world. Our prayer is that Shanon's House will be able to help more people in the new year and God will be glorified though this ministry. We wish for all of you a Merry Christmas and a new year filled with many blessings.

In Him,
Christy and Johnny